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Spy HD Cam/ NV

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Spy HD Cam/ NV
The item is mini car DVR camera recorder, hidden camera with full hd 1080p resolution. Feature: 1. Full HD 1080p resolution makes you can shoot clearer moments. 2. Supporting 32GB TF card max (Memory card not included) means you can store more wonderful videos and photos. 3. The powerful rechargeable 200mah battery provides 100 minutes of continuous working time at 1080P/30fps. 4. No worrying that the camera wont show clearly at night, because it has night vision. 5. 140°degree wide-angle camera can shoot wider frame. Specification: Item Type: Home Monitoring Housing Material: Plastic Color: Blue Video Format: 1920 x 1080P, 1280 x 720P Image Resolution: 12MP (4032 x 3024) Image Proportion: 4 : 3 Support System: Windows ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista, Mac OS, Linux Battery Capacity: 200mAh Working Time: About 100 Minutes at 1080P 30Fps Charging Time: About 2 - 3 Hours Charging Voltage: DC 5V Interface Type: Mini 8 pin USB Cable Length: 80cm Size: 25*24*24mm Weight: 60g ***Cost: $380TTD
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